Wow, this search engine is planting trees with 80% of their advertising revenue:!

Hello dear blog readers,

today I have seen an advertising on Youtube about a social search engine which is planting trees with the revenue generated by advertising inside the search engine. This concept sounds really great and according to the statistics on the website they already have over 7 million users and planted over 39 million trees!

Ecosia donates at least 80% of its surplus income to tree-planting programs all over the world. This is really awesome and Im very interested to support such projects.

Here you can watch one of the many video on the official Youtube channel by

This search engine was founded in 2009 and already won several rewards for this great concept and growing popularity. It´s a company from my home city Berlin and Im really wondering why I haven´t heard about it earlier…

You can not only use the social search engine over the link and with the GoogleChrome Extension, they also have an Android App and IOS App!


Here you can watch an interview with the founding story of the concept with the founder Christian:



I will definitely use this search engine from time to time in addition to the Presearch seach engine, where you can earn cryptocurrency tokens for using it, but Presearch has no charity concept like so far and so Ecosia is is more social for the world as Presearch. If you want to support this concept too, just use the search engine from time to time too and download the mobile app for using Ecosia with your smarthone. With each 0,2 € earned from advertising, Ecosia is planting one tree!


To see the latest statistics and to learn more about the project, just visit: 

Best regards and hear you!

Jonas – @future24

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